Wednesday, July 2, 2014

THOSE WIRE THE DAYS – Naga websites on a ceasefire of the technical kind.

Archived article written by a close friend "Rangam Thoitak Chiru". Hope you enjoy reading it!
Here it reads:-
Diverse grade of students, part to full time employees, a job seeker, home-sitter, some very concerned elders, all must be left out in the cold without the warm atmosphere of two- above average functioning home based websites viz. www. & www., amongst less publicized others.

Hacking or simple malfunctioning, it is best left to their technical word.
{At least to my reasoning, political pressures, to the extent of banning them is futile gossip and do hope that halt of services are a transient necessity of upgrading/addressing flaws}

Well, the idea beyond technicalities is the institution of remaining wired to internet’s makeshift global home-space, from the villages, districts to capital towns without having to worry about bandhs, curfews or parasitic highway loot-men and comfortably find fellow people with similar interests, ambitions to frustrations and limitations.
Needless to reiterate, our community living is intrinsic. So is our internet community evolution. Whether a lucrative venture or not for their founders/owners, it definitely was an ideal mirror of the society at large given the vernaculars and other home press dominated by stiff-necked politics and nothing else. Not their fault altogether, when they can’t have e-times, gossip, college buzz etc, per se.

Despite myriad opportunities accessible outside of these community websites, it’d be as easy as taking a like-o-meter survey of the taste of those freely available greener than dhania mirchis with our seasonally authoritative king Naga red chillies .99% Indian population cannot digest it.99% of us still prefer a fresh-bite to pickled or even the dried ones.

Moot points about excessive surfing, time wastage on chatrooms, insufficient information, prioritising of Indo-Naga issue, maximum participation in seemingly lame word games, jokes etc are as obvious as it may come because it is a community website and not an educational website in particular.
On top of it, moderators and administrators of the varied fora are not professionally rendered equipment to handle day to day demands of updating even on their own respective sections.

Common issues, anyways. The real issue is about those left in the cold- its members. The newbie’s to experts create their own quota of meaningful to simple fun, hard-talk and of course get updated on how the society has grown immensely well in the virtual world when things are as much as they were back in the real scene.
Different ventures keep coming up alongside in print and visual as well. Some, a nip in the bud and some are definitely making it. That’s why they are ventures, not adventures.

Yet, something like an abrupt halt of websites that are capable of bringing together hundreds to thousands in the least possible time has to be seen as losing a sizeable chunk of the daily dose of indispensable social interaction for its members. And as much as we deem the speed with which it picked up, it’s all the more essential to give them the larger time and perseverance to be at par with the rest as well.

Personally speaking, I got a lot from all home based sites. Entire perspectives about my own society were challenged by a new insight.

I wish they get wired soon again. All the very best, Kuknalim to Nagalim et al, all in all.

Written by Rangam Thoitak Chiru (2009)
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